On August 10, 2018, NAAN organized a orientation program for students(OKP fellows) leaving for netherlands. A total of 32 students were selected this year for the OKP fellowship (IHE Delft -15, ISS- 1, KIT- 3, WUR- 10, ICRA- 1 and ITC/University of Twente- 2). Out of 32 fellows, 16 participated in the orientation program to know more about the netherlands practices and things to do while staying there.
The program started by introduction of all the participants facilitated by the Secretary, Mimu Raghubanshi followed by an introduction of NAAN by the President. Later, our board member Sudeep Bahadur Singh explained the culture of netherlands through a video demonstration. The IPP, Pashupati Nath Koirala later gave the participants tips and tricks on what to carry during travel, etiquette and mannerisms and important documents to carry with you. The Program concluded with suggestions and closing remarks from Patricia Chettri, Fellowship Officer of The Netherlands consulate in Nepal.