About Us

The Netherlands’ Alumni Association of Nepal (NAAN) is a non-profit, non-political organization. The association, which started in 1988, revived in 2012 and Legally registered in April 29, 2013 with consistent effort from then BOD members (2013/2014) which comprised of 9 members.

NAAN comprises of Nepalese people who have either carried out their academic studies, researches, short courses, or have attended or participated in training and seminars in any of the educational institutions in the Netherlands. The Association aims to provide a forum and a meeting place for alumni of institutes of higher learning in the Netherlands, their former lecturers and members of the Dutch community in Nepal. It furthermore aims to become a marketplace for new ideas as well as an opportunity for networking.

The Association is dedicated to promoting and facilitating knowledge dissemination, including the exchange of professional expertise and personal experience and building a strong network between alumnus and institutes in the Netherlands.

The NAAN foresee to work for a wider national and international participation in future, so that we can create a better forum to share knowledge, ideas and experiences from their respective field of engagement.