Prof. Dr. Stefan Uhlenbrook

Stefan Uhlenbrook, Prof. Dr., 
Strategic Program Director, Water, Food and Ecosystem
International Water Management Institute (IWMI), Rome Office, ITALY

Professor Stefan Uhlenbrook’ s main expertise includes water and sustainability assessments, hydrological process research and water resources management with focus on developing solutions for pressing water challenges. He is a renowned academic and frequently invited speaker at high-level meetings worldwide. He has led many research and development projects that have demonstrated the impact of global changes on water cycle dynamics in different hydro-climatic regions worldwide, and they provided effective solutions to address these challenges. He is experienced on translating science-based knowledge to effective policies and strategies that contribute to environmental, economic and societal sustainability (i.e. Agenda 2030). Recently, he has enlarged his interest in food production system transformations to provide healthy and nutritious food for all and the central role of water and ecosystems.

Stefan Uhlenbrook is the Strategic Program Director Water, Food and Ecosystems at IWMI, Colombo, Sri Lanka. Before he was the Coordinator of the UNESCO World Water Assessment Programme (WWAP) and the Director of the UNESCO Programme Office on Global Water Assessment in Perugia, Italy (2015-2019). He previously worked at the UNESCO Institute for Water Education (now IHE Delft), as Professor of Hydrology (since 2005), Deputy Director (Vice-Rector) for Academic and Student Affairs (2000-2014) and Director a.i. (acting Rector; 2014-2015). Stefan obtained his PhD (1999) and habilitation (2003) in Hydrology at the University of Freiburg.