Roberto Arturo Caballero Grande

Doctor on Agricultural Sciences (1984) Wilhelm Pieck University of Rostock. Germany

He Promotes sustainable agriculture on an agroecological basis by projects, training spaces and publications in magazines, books and brochures. He has worked as a researcher for more than 30 years (1991-2001), was Director of Grains of the Ministry of Agriculture of Cuba (1993-94) and directed Multidisciplinary R&D Groups (1989-93). He worked as a cooperative member and Agroecological Facilitator in the Agricultural Production Cooperative “Gilberto León” (2001-07). He has worked as Consultant for FAO and different Cuban and foreign NGOs, for the formulation, implementation, evaluation and systematization of R&D projects. He has integrated External Evaluation Teams of Country Programs and Projects of UNDP, EU, Welt Hunger Hilfe, HIVOS and ANAP, among others. He worked as FAO advisor for the management and execution of projects in Belize and Jamaica (2000). Since 1998 he has been working on the application of the principles and concepts of Popular Education to the training of producers and local promoters of rural development. He actively participated in the conception and design of the teaching program and the Labor Practice of the subject of Agrarian Extension for higher education and was a member of the Academic Committee of the Master Program in Agrarian Extension at Havan Agriculture University (2006-2012). He participated in the design of the Technological Innovation Specialist and integrates its faculty as course coordinator (2016-17 and 2018). He is Coordinator of the National Agroecological Program and member of the National Executive Committee of the Cuban Association of Agricultural and Forestry Technicians (ACTAF). Currently he is a member of the team for the formulation of the Municipal Self-Supply Policy of Cuba. He has been a member of the Latin American Scientific Society of Agroecology since 2013. He has been part of the Working Groups of the Presidency of Cuba for the conformation of the National Food Sovereignty Plan, Agroecology Policy and Agrarian Extension Policy of the country. He is coordinator of the Technical Team of the 2019 Agroecology Contest sponsored by FAO in Cuba. He has published more than 39 articles, on topics related to agroecology, sustainable development, agrarian extension and food sovereignty in the last 14 years, in national and international magazines, books, brochures and websites.